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    I have succeeded in establishing a yellow admiral colony at Bland Bay, but would love to lay my hands on some red admiral caterpillars, does anyone know how I may do this?I have plenty of nettles, so could easily establish more.

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    Good on you pawhaoa! Lets hope you do manage to establish Red Admirals as well.



    I collected some larvae (mixed – red and yellow) some years ago from some lovely folk on the other side of Kaikohe. Would that be too far for you to travel, Pawhaoa?

    Also, we met up with people recently in Whangarei and one of the people there was trying to widen the range of Red Admirals through a network of people in Northland. I can’t remember who now, but can go back over my notes. And we have a keen member in Kerikeri also doing the same.

    Email me privately and we’ll see if we can’t get more people on board.


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