Releasing monarchs in wet weather

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    I have about 13 new butterflies in my big castle. Most of them are tagged. I’m waiting for the other’s wings to dry properly and will tag them tomorrow.

    It’s been wet since yesterday evening here in Taupō. The butterflies seem pretty content just hanging down from the mesh, so I’ve decided to wait another day for better weather to release them.

    I have a flowering zinnia inside the castle and today added some bits of fruit to get the butterflies to eat something! 🙂

    It looks like they’re in diapause. Males and females just hanging out together with no apparent interest in one another aside from clustering up for warmth.

    I’m just getting a bit anxious about the lack of appetite of these guys. They have food RIGHT THERE and seem totally disinterested in it. I also tried offering some nectar directly to a couple of them… nope. Not interested either.

    I really don’t want to release them in the rain, but at the same time don’t want them starving to death either.

    Maybe they’re just depressed. Goodness knows I hate gloomy weather too!

    Forecast is “sunny” for tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it holds!

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    I don’t think they will be in diapause… yet. Hopefully not. So long as you keep them cool and dark they won’t want to feed. I let a lot go this afternoon when it wasn’t raining… and if you need to let them go, put them outdoors somewhere where they have a bit of shelter to let them adjust to the conditions. Cool and dark is fine, and even some rain – it’s wind and heavy rain that will damage/hurt them.

    They won’t starve. And they don’t have feelings so they won’t be depressed either. 🙂

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