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    Hi to everyone that’s new here.

    We welcome you to the forum to find out more about butterflies and habitat, metamorphosis and the challenges they meet.

    Depending on your query you might find an answer already. Check out the hot tags to the right of this page (on the green background)… If you’re asking a queston about aphids, click on “aphids” and all the posts that have been cross-referenced (topic tags) with aphids in them will show up. If you’re looking for posts on “ants” then just change the word aphids in the web address to ‘ants’…



    If you’re putting in a new post, here’s how to create topic tags (so that your post will be easy to find later on).

    Topic tags allow users to filter between forums and display topics with a specific topic tag. Topic tags allow you to quickly explain what a post is about and later helps other users find related topics based on those tags. Just use nouns, and not sentences please.

    So if your post mentions ants and monarch caterpillars, type in Topic Tags “ants,caterpillars,monarch” (without the inverted commas).

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