Replying to a topic takes you to a 404 page not found or a random post

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    Hi everyone,

    Some of you may have noticed that when you reply to a topic, the website doesn’t take you back to that topic. Most of the time, it will redirect you back to the forum front page but sometimes, you will get led to a ‘404 page not found’ error, or to an old forum topic.

    This is currently being worked on in collaboration with the bbPress team as it seems to be an issue with the bbPress plugin upgrade from 2.0.3 to 2.1.

    Please note that your replies ARE being posted, you are just being taken to a different page. Please double check the topic to see that your reply has indeed been posted.

    If you have any questions or experience any strange behaviour, please reply to this topic or email



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    Hi everyone. It seems that bbPress have found a temporary fix for this problem. All replies should now redirect to the first page of the current topic.

    Please reply to this topic if you experience more strange behaviour or email

    Thanks 🙂

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