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    we had a website problem that broke the "report-a-pest" function. This has now been fixed.

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    You could be right, Kath! Your box drop sounds like a good idea.

    Have you seen the handout we’ve put together about wasps, it’s under Pests – click on the “Projects” tab.




    I started breeding Monarchs in Richmond 3 summers ago. At first I did not have to worry about pests that killed the caterpillars as numbers were not high. Second summer I did notice them dispappering in large numbers and had to take some precautions and cover my bushes. But this last summer I was swamped with the Asian Paper wasp and noticed a lot of praying mantis trying to get into the cages. I am told the Asian paper wasp is a meat eater not nector and like a bee they can track back to a good eating area.I treid everything but you need to be as sneaky as they are to beat them. I have 4 different cages now covered in fine mash. The same as I had at the beginning but make sure there is no holes or gaps they can get into.As you know when a catterpillar goes into his chyralis he heads up and that when the wasp can pounce.His nasty fine mouth can prick through the mesh. I had to put sealed tops over the cages to protect them.I will do a box drop next summer in mailboxes in my neigbourhood.Asking they spot the wasp nests and either destroy them or ring myself to do so.I think the wasp numbers have encreased in the Nelson area.



    To those of you who didn’t know about this ‘report a pest’, if you’re having a problem with a particular pest in your butterfly garden, you can report it to the website.

    The idea behind this was that we could keep a record of what pests are where, what’s doing the main damage etc.

    You go to Projects and roll down two clicks to “Report a pest”. Or this link here:

    Fill it out much the same as you do when you see a butterfly. Once we have enough people reporting peest problems, there should be sufficient information there for this to be analysed, ie. what’s where at what time of the year. So we need your reports – the more the merrier.

    We hadn’t been aware that this wasn’t working, except Rae Herd from Nelson reported the problem to us. Thanks Rae!

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