Require Cats for Prebbleton, Christchurch

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    Hey there guys,

    I have about 8 plants growing in the polythene house and require some caterpillars. Anyone in the Christchurch area or near Prebbleton, let me know if you can share some.

    Apologies if this has been asked or in the wrong part of the forum (newbie)

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    hi do you still need caterpillars? I had covered my swan plan cause I had too many but due to the covering having holes in it 3 eggs have moved through the material and on to the plant which is almost eaten away. They are tiny so am not even sure if they can be moved but I need to save my plant if I can. I live in the halwell area just off warren cresent if you know the area. Linda



    Yeah, sorry Jacqui.. Monarch Butterflies. Wow, hasn’t this place changed since 3 years ago! Good to be back, hopefully I might be able to hang around this time. Got back into Carnivorous Plants and Tomatoes, moving away from Prebbleton soon and off to the City next year. It’s sounds like a horrid thing to be doing to most of you guys, but it’s our family’s future. Long term I’d like to have some plants on the roof of our building to increase the population of Monarchs in Christchurch a little more.



    Monarchs I presume?

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