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    Hi everyone, just letting you all know that I am stepping down from the Website and Database Manager role.

    While I am keen to help promote the cause of butterflies generally I have for a while been pondering whether WDM was a suitable role for me given my lack of programming skills, but I thought I would hang in there until somebody better qualified came along. However due to changes in my personal circumstances I no longer have the time and energy to do even the little that I have been doing up till now.

    I would like to add that this decision is not based on recent forum events, but those have certainly made it easier for me. Before I go I would like to clarify a few things.

    The forum is provided as a service by the MBNZT to those who wish to promote the cause of butterflies and who abide by the forum rules.

    To remove posts that are spam, pornography, personal attacks and so on is not censorship, it is simply enforcing the terms of use of this service. If you don’t like the terms of use you have the freedom to choose not to use it.

    We have automated systems to try and filter out most of that stuff. Sometimes they generate a ‘false positive’ and quarantine genuine posts.

    I see that a number of posts recently appear to have been manually removed. I haven’t removed them, and as the WDM I have not been informed of their removal. Some of them contained what I consider to be personal attacks and if I had seen them I would have quarantined them pending a ruling from the trustees as per my normal procedure. For some of them however I cannot see any valid reason for their removal.

    I think there was a minor goof in the last newsletter. I was given a chance to proof the draft and it slipped past me unnoticed, so I take my share of responsibility for any offence it may have caused. However I feel that the manner of highlighting of that goof on the forum was unnecessarily inflammatory and designed to provoke an argument and maximise the offence caused.

    In my opinion if people no longer want to support the MBNZT they should simply stop supporting it and go find something else to support. To hang around on these forums moaning about it seems to me unproductive and quite frankly I do not feel it does those posters any credit.

    I feel that and are complementary, and I am puzzled by the actions of some people who seem to want to cause problems between them.

    So in order not to be grouped with those people I would like to point out that I am removing myself from my involvement from both and However you are both welcome to anything I have submitted up till now.

    I am not closing this discussion as I hope it might generate some constructive discussion. I have posted it under the Trust Admin section and I think I have tried very hard to avoid any personal attacks, so I am not aware of any reason why it should need to be removed. However there is no point in posting comments directed at me to it as I will not be seeing them. The email darren@monarch has also been removed.

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    I would like to send my very best wishes to Darren in whatever he will be doing in the future and say many thanks for all you have done. I think you did a great job as WDM and would like to hope you will appear on this forum in the future if only to discuss all things Butterflies!

    It’s always a pretty thankless task whenever you try to support something you care about, in this case the Monarch Trust, but there will always be those that can’t keep conversations on a friendly basis. I am afraid that it goes with the territory, I used to be on the committee of an Angling (course fishing) Club many years ago and a good 50% of the members could only ever find things to complain about. They never stopped to think how much effort we had to put in just to keep the club going but they always found enough time to make personal attacks on us because the club was not run to there exact requirements. Funny how when offered the chance to come in and run it themselves they went rather quiet!

    I do hope this won’t be the end of this forum; it would be a great loss to many people!



    Darren, your contributions to the MBNZT have been much appreciated by me esp, so thanks for all you have done. I can understand how you feel,and wish you all the best for the future too.
    ps/ I love the photo of the yellow shouldered ladybird eating the aphid in the latest newsletter…that is a really clever shot. Hopefully you will get more time to take other stunning shots of all the critters out there.
    Take care,



    I think Darren very much underestimates his abilities – he has made a visible difference to the website operations and contributed a great deal to general discussions.
    I am sure the trust will miss him a great deal.

    I would like to point out that not one of my posts has been removed and I don’t believe I have made any personal attacks.




    Darren’s loss will be a huge loss to the MBNZT, his wide knowledge and helpful comments and suggestions to many forum queries were appreciated and will be missed.
    Darrens summing up of the situation and his comments are indicative of his wisdom.
    I wish Darren all the best for the future.

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