Richmond Monarch numbers for this season

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    My 4th year is going well. I have released 430 as of yesterday. Each year has been diffrent as I learn more about our monarchs. I tried cages last year that held about 12 plants but it was too much handling and this year I had a butterfly house built. I keep some plants out for egg laying and move the cats in as soon as I spot them. Early Jan I had been too generous and let over 300 gobble their way through 200 plants. The ceiling of the butterfly house was like Xmas lights with chrylsalis hanging. I cut back to catch up and then moved 5 in each day.I was lucky to obtain a huge armful of cuttings which I held in jars of water. Thats been a life saver as I can now afford to let the numbers rise again.The wasps cannot get in but very small praying mantis can so search the netting each day. My aim is 600 before the end of March.Only headache is hiding the recovering plants from Butterflies eager to lay. Kath

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    Beautiful, Kath.

    I hope you will join us tagging.

    It would be great also if you could report your data to, so it becomes part of the official count. Unfortunately we don’t have anyone who can scroll through the forum messages to include the information contained within the posts.


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