running out of food in naenae/lowerhutt

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    Hi there,
    I have a few caterpillars probably in their final stage (i’m not sure how to tell) but fast running out of food. Is there perhaps anyone in the Hutt valley area (I’m in Naenae) with anything spare. Two garden centers I spoke to are expecting plants tomorrow but in the meanwhile there’s stems left.
    Any help would be welcome!

    Also, how do I know in which stage the caterpillars are?

    Thank you in advance, ilana

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    Hi Jacqui

    Thank you for the link about instars, it gives me a much better idea!

    Yes, I bought food from Linzi who shared on the facebook group. I’d recommend others to also search there if no one shares availability here.
    I do however appreciate the support here (and facebook) because my hungry caterpillars are luckily filling up for the last stage 🙂

    I aspire to do my part in future to grow and care for swan plants too!

    Thanks again, all the best, ilana



    This is probably the best guide to the various instars:

    descriptions of instars

    There aretwo posting on our FB page about plants for sale in Wellington and you can be sure they are caterpillar-friendly. I am encouraging them to post in here… hopefully they will do so. There was a recent incident of plants having been released from the grower when they were still inside the withholding period for pesticide use. 🙁


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