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    Hi there,

    S series tags used to be in the research for settings but only goes to R series now. Can this be fixed please? Thanks

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    This has been fixed. Thanks for alerting me to this and I apologise I didn’t understand the first message but we got it sorted in the end!

    The code had been overwritten by mistake in at the back end.

    Remember: as soon as I understand the problem I can alert the web gurus but please be helpful in explaining the issue and in the right channel. 🙂





    Hello WellyGirl

    It would be better to email me, please, so I can get my head around this. Have you used any of your “S” tags yet? If not, you need to delete last year’s tags by pressing SUBMIT. You will find that eventually the “S” series will show up as they will be after your previous tags in the dropdown list.

    If you had previously used “S” tags, then this anomaly is rather strange as I see you requested six sheets in mid-February. Please could you email me including your phone number and a good time to ring you?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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