Sad, my caterpillars are dying

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    Mike Hoeta

    I’ve lost about 6 caterpillars to the cold I presume, they were huge and ready to pupate I thought, I put them in the garage but it made no difference, one crawled up the wall and died and another fell into the dirt and one crawled on the pot and died. Some of the plants were transplanted and a little wilted but not too bad, i put a good plant right next to it so they could transfer if they wanted but no luck. I have now put some in the sun but in a sheltered area, I’ll see what happens.

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    Well done for trying Mike !! It really is not ideal weather. However,,,, I just tagged and released two monarchs today, fine healthy specimens ~ a male and a female. I have been keeping them inside my house at night, and had got them both drinking nectar water droplets out of the centre of daphne flowers. Delightful watching their little proboscis fishing for a drink! Last night was so warm ~ 10 degrees, and this morning so beautiful , it had to be D day. At the moment of their release, another one appeared from over the hedge ! Joy of Spring !

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