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    Today I went To the Allandale School to show Room 17 how to put Tags on Monarch Butterflies. They were fascinated with this as they have been learning about the Monarch and its life cycle. They also got to have them on their fingers, the fingers were washed before we did this. This is the only way we are going to get it out there is to go through the Schools. I even enjoyed the look on the children’s faces. By the way this is in Whakatane.

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    The children at the Playcentre I work at have loved watching and learning about the life cycle of butterflies! They have been fortunate enough to see the whole cycle, even watching butterflies emerge from their chrysalis, it’s been fantastic! I am making sure that we can do this every year, it’s been so much fun!


    Betty Herring

    Well done Martie. Great way to get children interested. Even I get a kick out of them hanging off my fingers



    Fantastic, Martie. Way to go!


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