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    Hi all

    If you have swan plant seed to share – or of other plants useful for butterflies, whether it’s host plants or nectar – we always welcome your seed, some of which we sell and some which is given away. Here’s a great page on the Monarch Watch website which has some good tips to collection and labelling etc.

    I love the milkweed cleaning device!

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    Frances, I would cut them off and put them somewhere warm and dry and see what pops out. If the pods split open and the seed looks plump and full, it should be fine. If you are just using it in your own garden, scatter ALL of it even if it doesn’t look ripe. You never know.





    I have an old swan plant covered in seed pods. Unfortunately it is not in a good place and I need to remove it. I had been waiting for the pods to split but they are taking a long time and some are going grey (?fungal).
    If I remove the branches and hang them up somewhere dry will the seed pods continue to mature? Do you have any other suggestions on how I can still harvest the seed but remove the plant now?



    C/- Jacqui Knight
    3 Morpeth Place
    Blockhouse Bay
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    I think you know the drill – no plastic, well wrapped in paper, labelled with your name, what they are, botanical name if possible.

    Thanks Rachel, much appreciated.



    Hi Jacqui – I have seeds I would love to send you – what address do we use?
    regards Rachel

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