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    Hi All

    I was given about 20 or so seed pods in an open supermarket bag. Without knowing the possible consequences I tied the bag up and left it for about 5-7 days {out of the sun}. I opened up the bag this morning and there was some condensation inside the bag. Most of the seeds are still attached to the silk inside the pods. About half the pods are mostly still green but some pods have obviously deteriorated into a brown colour from sweating in the bag. Of the brown ones, about 3/4 still have the silk and seeds attached and the other 1/4 have detached and have been sitting in the bottom of the plastic bag. What do you think the chances are of any of the seeds still being viable??

    Many thanks in advance for your thoughts! 🙂

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    Thank you both for your helpful advice. I have separated the ‘good’ pods from the ‘bad’ ones and will take the seeds out and put them in organza bags. I’ve noticed in some of the ‘bad’ pods that the seeds have a slight furry appearance which I’m presuming is mould. I have planted some of the older seeds, so I’ll see what happens with them so maybe I’ll get a better idea. Thanks again 🙂



    I would also try and get some more dry ones Store them in paper in a call dry place I now use organza bags to put my pods in when they are ripening In that way the pods can burst open but the seed is retained and dries naturally When I have time or a volunteer the pods are removed and the seed separated Works like a charm The bags are available from a $2 shop Sometimes you get 5 for $2 but I recently bought them online and got 400 for about $30 delivered



    Hard to say. I leave pods on the plant till they start to split and the silk starts to fluff out with brown seeds. I think soak some of your seeds in water and then plant them in some damp potting mix and if they are viable they will sprout in about a week or so as long as they are kept damp in a warm spot.

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