Seed pods…what do I do with them?

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    Gosh, I thought I was doing well at close to 75 – are you tagging them? We have a local park here in Pukekohe that has planted quite a few swan plants. Took the kids to play there over the weekend and brought home about 20 very large cats – most have pupated now. Managed to sneak up on 2 monarchs and tag them. There are heaps of cats in various stages at the park and the swan plants are covered in seed pods. Brought a couple of the pods back home as well but unsure how to harvest the seeds – do I just open them up and if so do I dry them – have absolutely no idea.

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    Hi Alison,
    You must not pick the swans before they are ready. You can tell they are ready when the tip of the swan is just starting to open….and they dont take long once theyre ready. If they are a lightish orangy colour youve picked them too soon.

    There is a heap of info posted last season about seeds. DO a search in the photo section, as there are some good photos of what constitutes a good healthy seed.

    The problem is once the swan opens, that fine white stuff goes EVERYWHERE and sticks to EVERYTHING. If you get the swan at the right time it is very easy to get the seeds off the fluffy stuff if you use the right method.

    Jacqui posted a good tip from someone else. Put a peg on the swan tip so it cant release its goods.

    There are also other ways to test if the swan is very very close to bursting. I VERY gently test it by putting a slight amount of pressure, as if Im pulling the 2 segments apart, only I dont. Bit hard to explain….


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