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    I had been watching a caterpillar develop, and it was nearly ready to undergo metamorphosis. Two days ago I observed that it was hanging down immobile – something was clearly wrong. Then I saw an insect looking rather beetle-like that was close to it, maybe in contact with it. I flicked it away, and discovered that the caterpillar was not just dead but also half deflated. I searched NZ insects online and locate the one I’d seen, a brown shield bug.
    “It is a predatory insect that feeds by spearing its prey with a long hollow beak and liquefy the prey’s insides with saliva and then it sucks out the contents.”
    It is roughly the same size and shape as what we used to call a stink bug (which is green.) I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before, but I’m looking out for them now on my swan plant.

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    If you can’t kill them, take them for a walk elsewhere in your street/community. 🙂

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