Shrinking caterpillar

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    Hi. I’m new to raising monarchs but have spent a lot of time researching, however I seem to have a possibly sick caterpillar that I can’t find out what might be wrong. So this 3.5cm caterpillar seemed to have diarrhea which I cleared up for it with some kitchen paper & was convinced it wouldn’t make it as a few weeks ago I had another, smaller one die after a runny poo. But as I watched a little later I saw it do 2 normal looking poos, so thought perhaps would make it. (it did since do another loose poo that I wiped off it’s bottom) It hasn’t moved from the same leaf for a few days but is moving & turning around. I didn’t see it eat for a while but wondered if it was just recovering ? Then I noticed when it was on the leaf, head down that it’s bottom looked shrivelled & smaller than others, however minutes later it had turned around, head up & it looked fine. This has happened a couple times now, but last night I thought the shrivelled part looked further along its body, so again I didn’t expect it to be alive this morning. But it’s still hanging in there and it looked like it had eaten a little. In fact while typing this I have watched it have a nibble, not a lot, but it’s trying. Can anyone tell me what it happening to it? Is it likely to survive? & should I move it away from others? TIA

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    Yes, I suggest you isolate it. Hopefully the others will be okay.

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