Sick caterpillar?


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    Hi! I’m new to the forum, but I need some advice so I decided to try it out. My largest caterpillar (4-5 instar?) looks a lot darker than the rest of my other caterpillars. I looked up what it could be and some sites suggested Black Death. However, the only symptom I see is the darkening of the bands a bit, and nothing else. It’s eating and producing frass normally, and it’s been this color for a few days now with no noticeable change. It doesn’t seem to have the other symptoms of Black Death such as lethargy, shriveled intenta, watery droppings, loss of appetite, or regurgitation. Just in case, I separated it from the rest, but I’m just confused as to what’s wrong with it. I’ve been cleaning daily and they’re in a well ventilated mesh enclosure. If anyone could help that’d be fantastic.

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    Just leave it as is, sounds fine. Sometimes they go very dark just before moulting. There is some variation to size and coloring.

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