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    Dani Watson

    one of my chrysalises didnt go through the black stage, when the butterfly came out of the chrysalis it had really small wings and it doesnt eat that much or move and it looks like it sleep alot of the time. i dont know what to do with it, if its going through pain or if it will get over this. it trys to fly sometimes but its wings a really small and bent. please help me…

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    Hello Little Flyer

    If you search here for “disease” you’ll find lots of posts with good advice. As I’m rushing out the door I’m afraid my email might sound very blunt but… do read some of the other posts by searching on the Hot Tags to the right of here.

    1. There is nothing that can help this particular butterfly. You can choose to euthanase it (please search on euthanase) or keep it as a pet.

    2. Remember that not all caterpillars will make it to become beautiful butterflies. We would be overrun with butterflies if they did. It could be a disease that has affected this one – or perhaps it didn’t have enough space to expand its wings when it emerged from the chrysalis. If you get more like it and you’re raising them in a butterfly house (etc) then you might like to reflect on how to break the cycle of any disease. There’s an article in our summer magazine which would help you.

    This post might be of interest too:

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