Small swan plant with a little 'plier flyer ready to go for Christmas…

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    Hi there… I know “no for sale posts” but just could not resist the try… Am trying to do the right thing here, it’s not a money maker, just trying to share some love around the place and recoup a small fraction of the costs involved in leaving six swan plants outside over winter.

    Have had my first one fly off this morning. Bohemouth he was called as a ‘plier… Off she went, with a little direction, earlier this afternoon… Was a little sad to see her fly off to be honest. Have spent hours and hours moving them around to prevent the swan plants from completely dying back and holding enough foliage to grow promptly when ‘pliers removed. The system worked okay in the end. Got around twenty going into their flight mode as we speak, but have no energy left in any but a few of the swan plants left….

    May get around to posting photos and a few ideas that may be useful one day.

    Right now am more worried about building a wind shelter…

    Wellington. Sigh……

    So, I have put on TradeMe…


    Over the last little while I have been growing Swan Plants and was a little dismayed to see fifty young CATiPLIERS chewing their way through my outside plants months ago.

    These little pliers can EAT when they get going, jaws and feet like pliers, you see.

    So, I now have many many butterfly cocoons around the house, mainly in my kids bedroom as moved all the plants in there to prevent even more eggs and baby pliers…

    The final ‘plier just got into his little sleeping bag. They usually pack up and move off the swan plants and onto neighbouring plants (in my case also the curtain rails, curtains, bookshelf……) however some curl up and go nun nighs on their food source.

    Which is kind of dumb to be honest. Other hungry pliers come along and chew the plant to bits, so wherever possible I have saved them by moving them away.

    This auction is for one of the little swan plants with one of the Monarch Butterfly sleeping attached.

    Have had a few wake up, stretch their wings and fly off already, but these ones should be hatching (guesswork) around New Years …

    They go okay being inside. They are very delicate and take a day to stretch and dry wings out (very beautiful and eye opening for the children to see — even if not interested in nature, they may be after having one open up in their room)…

    They will be a little like a drunk on her way home from a hens night when trying to first fly… So, having a good open window, and taking mirrors off the wall a reasonable idea. You can also see them really start walking around, so could carry whatever they are walking on closer to a door or window when they are trying to escape and go exploring the world on their own….

    The plant is a reasonably quick growing variety. Was used to feed these guys until a few weeks ago. It should be repotted soon.

    Small donation to MONARCH.ORG.NZ with completed purchase

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