So many caterpillars so little time!

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    Marie Hewson

    Ah! I recently bought a little swan plant in the hope of getting butterflies!!! Little did i know that only a few days later the rather small plant was covered in many wee white eggs!! I was so happy i went out and bought two more plants and now that i have caterpillars i have been moving them across onto different plants so they have more room . . . but i am oh so worried that once my 15- 18 caterpillars get too big the little branches won?t support them and flop ! And they might never turn into butterflies! Will they be ok?? :(

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    Hey Dee, great o hear! We can probably use a few at Christchurch next week — how about getting in touch?




    80 chrysali! Wow! Good on you Dee 🙂



    Well things in Kakanui are wonderful
    80 crysalli hanging in my glass house
    Heaps of large caterpillars on my outside plants
    Ive given caterpillars to everyone in Kakanui that I know has swan plants
    Weve got butterflies flitting around the garden every day
    Its all thanks to Jackii who sent me down some eggs
    Isnt life great


    Marie Smith

    Hi Ivy,
    I fear I am way too late to offer any constructive advice. Once you have caterpillers eating like a garden woodchipper, there’s only one thing you can do and that is to provide more plants for them to eat until they are all done and turned into crysallis’s. Then of course the battle is on to keep the plants egg free until they have refurbished their folliage … which in ideal circumstances, full sun, adequate water and pest free, along with a tiny dose of nitrophoska (granulated, slow release, garden fertilizer), (1 teaspoon full in a PB5=Plastic Bag size 5). Take care not to add too much fertiliser or you will pretty much kill the plants.
    All the best,
    Hope you had lots of crysallis’s

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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