Something wrong with dates on this forum?

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    A topic I posted in March 29 2020 is listed as being 3 days ago.

    Also can’t find any recent posts by others

    Is it me or my pc?

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    We are having a few issues with spam comments. Even when we delete them, the spammer’s name shows up. It is very frustrating. I’m talking with Sandfield at present about this.

    You may also have noticed that when people post the time shows up as “sometime ago”. We’ve had this issue before as well.

    Please remember to choose the correct forum when starting a new post. This one should, I think, not be in the “main” forum where I really think it’s an admin issue. And also please add some tags, some key words so that people who search using tags can find relevant posts. To this one I’m adding these tags: date,spam




    yes there have been odd things happening for a few weeks. eg suddenly an old post appears with a new name as commented but there is no sign of the comment.

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