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    I had about 10 cats on one of my milkweeds and all but one died. They fold in a 1/2 L shape (hang by the half of there body) but never turn black or have vomit. It has been around 97 degrees and they are in 3/4 shade part of the day.

    I decided to pull the plant out of the habitat, cleaned everything.. and put three brand new plants (that surprisingly came with the eggs). I have about 20 cats on 3 medium-large plants and now I’m having the same exact problem with my other cats. Ive driven myself crazy thinking about what it could be. There is no pesticide on the plants, not sure about NPV.. could it be my dog who loves to bark? the kids running around or the heat?

    Thanks in advance for the help.


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    Hello Jess

    It’s winter here in New Zealand so I suspect that you’re overseas. You would be best to post in a forum which has more localised information, including the type of milkweed you’re growing. (In NZ we mostly use one or two African milkweeds, Gomphocarpus fruticosus or G. physocarpus.)

    If you use Facebook there is an excellent group, The Beautiful Monarch where you might also get to meet people close to you raising monarchs.

    I hope that this is helpful and you find a solution, Jess!

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