Help with Monarch caterpillar (5th instar)

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    HI GUYS I NEED HELP! one of my 5th instar cats was foring its chrysalis and fell so i put it backĀ  up but it started bleeding it stoped but i am not sure if it will die or what will happen with it. I feel terrible i thought i was helping it , i must have hurt it or something but it didnt bleed ore than a couple of drops. three to be exact but i dont know if i should euthanize it or what. help please. I am a amateur. just started two days ago when my cats got attacked by fly maggots.

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    Hello Nancy

    It is unlikely to survive but you can do no harm by letting it be and waiting. Time will tell.
    Doubt if you’re in NZ if your caterpillars “got attacked by fly maggots”. Not sure what flies that would be at this time of year.

    Good luck!


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