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    Goodmorning.  I went to 3 different outlets to buy s/plants in early November to transfer large cats to.  My supply was running out.  Both Evansdale and T&M Nurseries plants caused the cats to leak green liquid and die.  Zealandia plants were absolutely safe although more expensive.  Spoke to one outlet who rang supplier and were told “no way were their plants sprayed”.   But I suspect  seed was treated if that is possible!  Haven’t been back since so don’t know if things have changed.

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    Ah I didnt see Jacqui's post when I posted mine… Good on you Abbey for following up on Jacqui's advice.

    "Apologies all round but not once offered refund."
    This is typical of the business sector : ( , integrity seems to be a forgotten concept. We have a saying at our house and it goes like this: We know how sorry you are by the fact that it wont happen again, aye.

    Under the Fair trading act, the goods must fit the description and purpose theyre intended for, and that is typically to feed caterpillars. They have an obligation to give you your money back if you wanted to go that route.



    Update: Called Mitre10 and spoke to a guy who assured me they were not sprayed. Then he said to another woman (he covered the phone but i could still hear them) that he had a customer on the phone about the swan plants and she interrupted and said "the caterpillars died?". He then apologised and said the supplier had issues with aphids and sprayed with something. I asked him to find out exactly what it was sprayed with and how to fix it directly from the supplier. The receptionist at the supplier couldnt tell us either.

    So in the meantime and admission of sprays used, unknown what.
    Apologies all round but not once offered refund.
    And a request they put sinage up to advise people of the sprays use as there were so few butterflies around this year in the hutt.

    He will speak to the managers and i'll do a pop quiz visit later to see if they have or not.



    I am in lower hutt and bought them from mitre 10 mega petone.

    They had heaps of them and i wasnt the only one to buy them today.

    Will definately call them tomorrow and express my annoyance.

    People buy swan plants as a food source for caterpillars and they should know this.

    And whats worse, is the plants had caterpillars on them too.



    Hi Abbey, this has been and is always a hot topic in this forum. Its good to wash and wash them but the poison will ahve been absorbed into the leaves and I believe there is a standown period. I cant remember what is the best amount of time to leave it but I wouldnt be putting any pillars on them, or letting any Monarchs lay on them.

    If you do a search on sprays, there should be some very useful info for you.



    Hi Abbey

    People experience this every year! Whereabouts are you? Who did you buy the plants from?

    I suggest

    You can plant the plants out in the garden and keep them protected so that the Monarchs don't lay on them (old net curtain will work). At some stage they will be fine for caterpillars- but it may not be until next year.

    Contact the garden centre? and ask them what the plants have been sprayed with. Tell them you're VERY annoyed and upset. Ask them to take the plants back (if that suits you.)

    Please let us know where you are. And I'm sure others will have their ideas too.

    Look back in the forum about a year and you'll see that others have had the same problem. Or click on "dying" in the hot-tags to the right of here.




    <p>hi, just bought 12 plants, nice and healthy. Repositioned caterpillars and they all died cos the plants were sprayed and i wasnt aware. How can i make the plants healthy for caterpillars again? Is it just a case of hosing them heaps?

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