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    Sandra CA


    I’ve raised about 6 caterpillars together all of which are in chrysalis stage except for two remaining cats. The first butterfly eclosed today and she has a bad case of OE. She’s not flying and her abdomen is stripped in white/gray. She will be properly euthanized but now I have to wonder about my two remaining cats. Does anyone know the level of risk to the other two? She did not eclose in the habitat so she hasn’t spread it as a butterfly and the remaining chrysalis in the enclosure are fairly new. I know not to have eclosing monarchs in with the cats is what I should say. And the remaining cats must have been very, very young with the time distance. Still….

    Any thoughts, I’ve never run across this before.

    Sandra from CA, USA

    p.s., I formed a blog in the States. backpationature.com it’s mainly about raising monarch caterpillars.

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    Hi Sandra

    From what I read from emails, forum posts and blogs in the USA, Oe is treated differently in the US to here in NZ. It seems that in the US they’re trying hard to eliminate Oe – and here in NZ not many people even know it exists. Sure, they’re disappointed when caterpillars die or get disease, but I think most would just think it’s a part of Nature.

    So here’s some other places you might find out more information:




    As you’re in California, there’s also the Western USA Monarch group. The Western Monarch Discussion Board is hosted by California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly SLO). It provides a venue for members to stay informed on the western monarch butterfly and its conservation and education issues. It is a resource for information-sharing, networking, question-asking and question-answering. A place where professional biologists can connect with each other, citizen scientists can trade stories and tips, and people seeking information can feel safe to ask any question they have.


    Please don’t feel you’re not welcome here but you might find more pertinent information/discussion in those places.

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