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    To celebrate the butterfly season we are giving away this beautiful hamper worth over $125. It would make a great gift for your favourite butterfly-lover. To be in to win all you need to do is Comment below by telling us your favourite butterfly nectar source.

    The Glorious HamperThe Glorious Hamper, thanks Fiskars and Yates

    If you use social media, feel free to share THIS LINK with family, friends, whanau – easiest way is to post on your own FB page or Instagram!

    The winner will be drawn on 25 November. Sorry, we will be unable to deliver the hamper to an overseas address, NZ only. We are very grateful to Fiskars and Yates NZ for their generous donations.

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    Seeds, thanks Yates NZSeeds thanks Yates NZ

    FertilisersFertilisers, thanks Yates

    Toolsgarden tools, thanks Fiskars

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    A lucky draw was made on 25 November and the winner is Bev Warner from Timaru, who has been sent her amazing hamper.

    We hope to run more of these events via our e-news, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – so feel free to tell your friends and whanau, colleagues and kin, to join up. The links are on the inside cover of our magazine… or watch this space. 🙂



    And the WINNER is Bev Warner from Timaru.

    Congratulations Bev – we’ll get this away to you today or tomorrow.



    Contest is CLOSED.

    Thanks everyone for your entries – some great ideas here.

    Winner will be announced shortly!!!



    I try to plant so there is something for birds , bees and butterflies throughout the section and all the year somehow. I always plant milkweeds but net those as that will specifically protect any caterpillars . For the veg garden I always have a good dose of marigolds and lavender. Around the property boundaries we have planted buddleia precisely for butterflies and also bottlebrushes as they add festive colour whilst helping wildlife at the same time.
    There is salvia and verbena under the kitchen window and for splashes of colour & scent I have wallflowers & rudbekia.
    It may not be an easy care garden so much but it is a garden planted with a thought that to attract butterflies, birds and bees adds to the enjoyment.



    I had marjoram planted near my swanplants and butterflies loved the flowers so I’ve let it grow and spread to fill the whole bed. I love seeing the bumble bees and monarchs sharing them so harmoniously. This year have also planted a bed of lavendar which I always had for my monarchs in my previous home.


    Maggie Purnell

    Monarch butterflies love the lavender bushes in my garden. I’ve sown a packet of butterfly mix which are close to flowering so hoping my visitors will enjoy more variety this summer! I’m keen to develop more butterfly garden areas!



    The butterflies love the Buddleia, Red Hibiscus, and Camelias. We have had them all year, which has been wonderful.



    Butterflies down here like my Petunias, some of them are purple. They also like dandelions and rhodies.



    Monarchs love our osteospermums, especially seem to go for the dark purple ones. My son loves watching them feeding and the flowers grow like crazy so there’s always a plentiful supply.



    I have Little Gem Magnolia all round my house.. (LITTLE – they are not) They are probably at least 12-15 feet high now. The butterflies I release love the flowers and the Magnolia is evergreen and their branches and trunk provide a great place for the Monarchs to grip onto and if wet, – I see them sheltering on the branches under the leaves.
    The butterflies also love the camellia hedge when in flower. The single white camellia with a slight scent, provides nectar for them in the late Autumn & early Spring.



    Great to see the Monarchs loving our Copper Sheens (Leptospermum Coppersheen – Shiny Tea Tree) when they are in flower. Of course they have competition from the bees, but great to see the orange hues of the butterflies against the rich dark leaves.


    janelle bell

    there are many nectar flowers loved by butterflies in my garden, but my favourite at the moment would have to be zinnia. it is pretty and hardy it flowers for a long time so each flower feeds the insects for a long time. it is very easy to grow which is a bonus because i like to just throw my seeds at the garden and let them do their thing haha.
    its also the perfect flower for some great butterfly photography.



    I grow Tithonia (Mexican Sunflower) close to my milkweed plants. The Monarchs are really attracted to the flowers.. Last summer I noticed quite a few Yellow Admirals being attracted to the Marigolds growing in the garden.



    I have a really old fashioned hibiscus which they absolutely adore… can be several on the bush at one time.






    Definitely all the flowers in the butterfly field mix from Yates! I love sprinkling the seeds all over my garden 😊



    Clover is probably the most popular nectar plant here but aiming to reestablish a wildflower garden.





    Last summer was the first time I aimed for nectar flowers for butterflies. They seemed to like dahlias, buddlejia, sunflowers, zinnias and cosmos. And of course swan plants although most of mine got eaten before they could flower. I even saw a monarch a couple of times on a dandelion! This year I have seen a monarch on the lemon tree flower as well as a magpie moth and a yellow Admiral on pansies.



    Borage and hebe species are both good and are also liked by bees.



    Swan plant flowers – especially when I see both caterpillars and butterflies on the plant at the same time….



    My favourite nectar plants for Monarchs (and other butterflies) are my multitudes of swan plants, bottlebrush bushe, buddleia, various wildflowers and poppies, and the delphiniums.


    Blake in Porirua

    Buddleia salviifolia 😉
    And the ever cheery bottlebrushes



    Hi I have 25 Swan plants, Large packet of Wildflower seeds, 3 lavendar bushes and another plant with orange flowers similar to swan plants growing. Also lots of other flowering plants in flower. Also have seedling swan plants coming up which I will put undercover for backup plants when others get demolished. I’m in Westport and there have beeen several Monarchs around. Found eggs on a swan plant Sunday.



    Got to be swan plant although I always struggle to keep them healthy. Love a selection of wildflowers too!



    Most popular in my garden depends on time of year and who’s flowering. Standout is the Montanoa grandiflora (Mexican tree daisy) but also Chrysanthemum, Plum tree, Pittosporum, Swan plant and Tithonia diversifolia (Mexican sunflower)

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