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    The Spring newsletter is out and I hope that everyone enjoys it.

    Part 2 of our article on butterfly diseases makes interesting reading, as does Jane’s article on seeds for the butterfly garden.

    How and when did the Monarch first arrive in NZ? No-one was there to witness it, but scientists have a few theories. Some of our members have reported on their earliest recollections of butterflies and moths too.

    There are reports on some very successful ecofest exhibits and displays, and more in the making. And there are new products you can buy from our website (or on TradeMe).

    "What is that bright red butterfly?" is a question often asked. We tell you all about the Cinnabar moth. We tell you how to have your habitat certified – and if successful you will have a plaque to proudly display.

    But that’s not all – the newsletter is in the mail or for those who paid for the on line subscription, it’s on the website now.

    Enjoy! And we’d welcome your feedback, good or bad.

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    I’ve finally had time to sit down and read the newsletter:-)

    Jane’s information as always is outstanding. Jane you always manage to keep me hooked on reading what you have written, and you give me so much inspiration. Well done to Jane.

    Norm’s piece on disease is intersting and yes Lyn and I were the guinea pigs to do the course.The course certainly did teach us quite a bit about diseases in butterflies and what to look out for. I hope there is more to come Norm? hehe

    Great news we have a display at the Auckland Central library, and are able to setup a display at other Auckland libraries. Do we have a schedule as to which libraries and when at all? Then I can let people I know all about it;-)




    My newsletter arrived this morning, and is great, so thanks for all the hard work producing it.
    I’d love to raise some cinnibar moths this summer, so the article on them is well timed!



    Uh oh! As soon as I’d sent it out, of course, the website went down. 🙁 It is now up and running – so if you were looking for the on line newsletter, try again now please.

    A few people have taken out the on line subscription but haven’t sent an email address. And a couple of emails have bounced too. We’ll have to update these next week – so if you didn’t get an email (and have an on line subscription) please make sure that you keep us informed.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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