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    We are all looking forward to Spring with the flowers and butterflies that gradually build. But of course with that comes the pests as well, and here in the Bay of Plenty the monarchs are laying their eggs on sunny days and with it the paper wasps are starting to appear. The Buddleia weevil’s larvae are appearing on my bushes after the eggs overwintering and it won’t be long before the aphids are multiplying rapidly. But it is all part of nature and we take the good with the bad and learn to live with it.

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    Hi Jacqui,

    I have been to the Plant Place before and brought several plants, it’s where I get all my swan plants actually 🙂

    This spring I am also thinking of planting some nettles – and perhaps growing them in pots. Does anyone know how many I would need. I have no experience of admiral caterpillars at all so it would probably involve some trial and error.



    Hello Rebecca

    Bruce at the Plant Place has some awesome swan plants. I forget the name of the road – but it’s the garden centre not far from the Lake (near Gallagher’s on Kahikatea Drive) and has a cafe in the same building.

    Highly recommended.




    I’m in Hamilton and I have seen butterflies flying around the garden but no eggs, caterpillars (or wasps) yet. I haven’t had caterpillars since early June. I’m happy that all the monarchs made it through our particularly cold winter. I can’t wait for the new season to start again, I may get a few more swan plants before then too.



    Up here in Auckland we have the Monarchs about in the gardens and laying eggs.
    As we have had to replant most of our swan plants this year we were hoping they would not lay until a bit later.

    Never mind we now have five Monarch caterpillars and loads of swan plants in pots for back up feed, and must get some more plants going.

    No sign of wasps here at the moment.



    The wasps are also starting to appear here. After having had caterpillars and chrysalis all through winter I now only have a few chrysalis left and no caterpillars. Looks like I will have to set up our greenhouse enclosure for the plants again. Lots of monarchs around us enjoying the sun we have had this week.



    Hi Norm,

    After reading your post we had a beautiful late winters day here, and went out to check our plants for eggs. There were a few, but half an hour later there was a wasp cruising the plants. It is the first wasp we have seen this season. Pete ran out and managed to despatch it which gave him a thrill, but there will be more.

    After housing hundreds of admiral caterpillars around the garden on some impressive nettles all winter, and not seeing any admirals flying, we saw our first admiral flying yesterday. So delighted! 🙂

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