Starving Cats HELP!!!

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    I have about 40 BIG cats that need food quickly! Some are eating the pumpkin but not all. Anyone have swan plants around Tawa, Wgton???

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    I agree that it must be a pest in NZ but some reputable seed merchants sell it in GB and really hard frosts kill it off.I have successfully reared a monarch from an egg to an adult solely on araujia and over the last few years have often used it as an emergency food.
    Unfortunately,this year a very early cold spell didn’t do my plants any good at all and I am struggling to feed cats on what are really grotty leaves whilst my other milkweeds are only in the seedling stage.



    I would concur with Jacqui, dont take the seeds home. It is commonly called moth plant. It is a terrible pest, we had it amogst out trees in Greytown and had to get the Regional council out to eradicate it. They wanted to know all the locations I knew of. It seeds and spreads badly.



    Hi Wicket

    Look around for Araujia sericifira (you might want to google it) and see if you can find that growing wild. You must NOT grow this plant as it’s a noxious weed. I used to take all my surplus caterpillars to it, where it would grow beside railway lines, and then crush a few leaves to get the sap running, and leave the caterpillars to it… but I guess you could also bring a few branches home and leave them in a vase of water.



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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