Sterilising caterpillar castles..

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    I am about to steralise castles again.. just a quick question. Is it still the 10% bleach solution and once you’ve soaked them in the bleach solution.. do you rinse the castles or just leave that solution on them and put them to dry as is..

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    Thank you Jacqui..That is what I’ve been doing.. just wanted to check I was on the right track.. Still trying to find out why the caterpillars didn’t get to change to chrysalis and the smaller ones were just lethargic and didn’t eat ..some going brown and all finally dying (I euthanised them by way of the deep freeze).. I’ve grown over 150 swan plants in the greenhouse and they’ve never been sprayed.. Just with the Ocean Organics foliar concentrate.. (seaweed and herbs) when they were growing.. Its wonderful and has kept the plants so healthy… Its so mild 1 part to 100 parts of water.. I have the host plants in the garden and take the caterpillars and branches with eggs on, into castles and bring in feed as needed.. Anyway onwards and upwards.. thanks once again.



    What I do (and others might do it differently of course) is I fold the castle up, and dip it in a sink full of warm water with about 10% bleach. Soak them well then carry them out onto the lawn, open them out, hang them on the clothesline and turn the hose onto them. That way I’m recycling the rinse water. 🙂 Then I leave them on the clothes line to dry.

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