Still not many eggs/cats

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    So far this season I have released about 140 butterflies, BUT most have been raised from eggs or very tiny cats I have found outside; there seem to be no large cats & very few eggs on my very extensive supply of swan plants. The paper wasps are still around, I thought by now they would have switched their attention from live prey. Has anyone else in Hamilton had this problem? I haven’t found any paper wasp nests on my property, tho there may be some in larger trees; I don’t go searching too hard as I’m allergic to the beasties.

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    Very slow in Welly too. This time last year I’d released well over 100 and all from eggs laid on my plants. This year i’ve just reached the 40 mark. Many of those have been from adopted caterpillars. Some eggs now but not a lot, no need to cull any. I’ve got a lot of very well grown plants too. Its a very different year. I think weather has had a lot to do with it.

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