"Stock" Boom but "Plant" Crisis has me in tears (again)

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    Well it’s early in the season but I have about 100 pupas and Js here in Kapiti.
    Some kind members of the forum have also adopted some caterpillars as well.
    A Karori member took nearly 30, and she advises they are doing well; which is a blessing and I thank her.

    However my 1500 plants are now chewed down or still recovering from from winter with little leaf now. I will need to euthanise the remaining dozens and dozens of small catz.
    I loathe this and has me in tears but if I dont care for the plants then there will be no food when these pupating Monarches emerge and mate and lay their eggs.

    Sigh. It doesnt get easier does it? Jacqui you are truly positive and an imspiration and that helps.
    The forum memmers are also so supportive and I value all your posts and support.

    So I’m off to have a sad time in my garden, and Ive decided to leave all alone until tomorrow. But this gives me time for a final shout out to anyone in the Wellington-Kapiti-Horowhenua who could rescue some caterpillars. I can deliver them.

    Im focusing on those Butterflies who have made it. And Im trying to remember the balance of life and death on this physical plane, and the big pictute of love and beauty and truth. Im suue they all fly and fly on the other side.

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    Thank you so much Leslie.
    Yes it’s down to the wire here.
    I spent $700 on swanplants at Gus’s last week and Twiglands this week,
    but theyre small plants and dont offer much leaf as yet.
    So I need to manage the plants for the forth-coming off-spring.
    This reality is what’s driving me.

    Thanks for your tremendous suport.



    god that’s awful Fiona. I still have yet to spot a butterfly here and as you know I’ve got plenty of forage and the bigger cats I took from you are nearly at pupating stage so I could take some more. I might talk to one of my homecare clients too and see if he can take a few.

    hang in there …

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