Strange Yellow Admiral behaviour

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    I was walking in the Green Belt at Onekawa, Napier, today and watched a faded Monarch drifting around in the breeze, hotly pursued by a Yellow Admiral. Now while that is not extraordinary, what happened next was news to me…

    The Monarch alighted on a tree and so did the Admiral – right next to the Monarch. They both sat there for 30-40 seconds – I was waiting to see what the Admiral was doing – and then they took off again, the Admiral again in hot pursuit.

    They did this several times. Any idea on what was going on?

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    Yes, it was late afternoon, Terry. Thanks for that!




    If this was in the afternoon the Yellow Admiral was a male and he was chasing the monarch thinking it was a female, they do this sometimes in the morning but not as much. one way to find out for sure is to wait until the male settles low down then find a small piece of dark wood or bark and carefully throw it above the Butterfly, a male will instictivly fly up and toward it where as a female will panic and fly away. I have used this method in early spring to catch Male and female Peacocks before they have paired. and it saves catching too many. I once caught a male and then 10 minutes later a female Peacock using this method. when I placed the female in the small plastic box in my bag with the male to carry them back to the Butterfly house the male immediately paired with her saving me looking for any more. I like it when a plan comes together that quick for a change.
    I have heard reports from other breeders that the Mourning Cloak from USA and Canada bred in captivity will pair the same day as coming out of winter hibernation, now that's quick too.

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