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    The Summer magazine is FANTASTIC, great reading – only made possible through all the wonderful material contributed by you folks out there including fantastic photographs.

    After reading through, I immediately wanted to go to Samoa to see all the butterflies (thanks Roger).

    It was great to be able to share some of the displays that members have been putting hard work into. Interesting comments from Kate, our leader too.

    Wonderful stuff is happening at Discovery 1 School in Christchurch, thanks to Emma and others.

    Jane tells us more about Federation Daisies as nectar plants, and Adam about A. syriaca. – will have to get some of THAT established! Thanks Adam and Jane.

    Robert Hoare shares one of his favourite poems, about a cute and very pretty moth, Nymphostola galactina. I hope to hear Robert recite this in his inimitable fashion at our conference (March 2013 – earmark the date – FANTASTIC speakers!).

    And there’s a call to action, with some interesting finds among tagged butterflies this season.

    We also cover some of the fundraising products that we’re selling in the shops – and please note that the calendars have now been reduced to $15. There’s a great book offer too, and we’re extending the deadline to the 14 January – be in to win – sadly the print edition has been held up in the queue at the printers… you know how it happens “everything has to be done before Christmas”. Well, the print edition will be received before Christmas, but probably not in time for your Christmas shopping.

    For those of you with online subscriptions, you can access the magazine now, using the password which came with your receipt earlier this year. So you’ve forgotten it? JUST THIS ONCE, I will reveal it publicly:  flutter. But please don’t share this with others – encourage them to become financial members as their contribution is helping us to achieve greater things.

    The Summer Magazine, here you are, you don’t even need the password.


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    The Magazine looks great Jacqui 

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