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    Your Summer newsletter is on the website (if you have an on-line subscription) or in the mail for those who receive it that way.

    What’s in the newsletter?

    There’s another fantastic column from our gardening guru Jane, this time about the value of daisies. There’s reports from exhibits put on by members in Nelson and Tauranga. And there’s a report from Wildwind, the latest habitat to be certified, which will give you great ideas for your own garden.

    There’s details of a course the MBNZT is running for those people who want to develop their own butterfly habitat – all you need is access to the internet. We’re keeping the cost low so it’s affordable – $25, and you will receive notes by email over a five-week period, with tests to ensure that you understand and are absorbing the material. Those who see the course through (it starts on 1 January) will receive a certificate.

    More about the course in the newsletter, where there’s also an introduction to our latest trustee, Kate Young, and sadly there’s an obituary for one of our Auckland members who had been encouraging us since the start of the MBNZT.

    There’s three book reviews, all excellent holiday reading. If you’re looking for a special Christmas present then there’s plenty of ideas, from a few dollars up. There are still some of our awesome calendars left.

    Remember that every purchase not only pleases YOU (and whoever you give it to) BUT also boosts our funds and make our special projects possible. And we sure have some special projects on the drawing board!

    We intend to be in Christchurch during February/March with hopefully two exhibits – at the Festival of Flowers & Romance and the Ellerslie International Flower Show. The Telecom Foundation has kindly made a donation to help us with the release of butterflies at the commemoration service for the victims of the earthquake. We are raising more funds now to make sure we can do the very best job we can of promoting the conservation of butterflies and encouraging children in that mission, at the Ellerslie Show.

    PS If wanting items for Christmas presents, please get your orders/payments in to us promptly. Everyone who makes a purchase before 10 December will have their name entered into a lucky draw for two books: The Big Book of New Zealand Wildlife and A Photographic Guide to Wildflowers of New Zealand.

    As always, we will appreciate your feedback to the newsletter – it will help improve future issues – so feel free to post your comments here.

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    Sorry folks – I have been driving out in the wopwops and just got a phone call to ask where the newsletter was. It’s there now, I’d made a bit of a booboo.

    In the past we haven’t made the newsletter on line available to members who get the printed copy, but this could be discussed by the trustees. This topic has been raised before.





    I cant find it either Jacqui?



    Jackie…So far I can’t find it. When I click on members, then members newsletters I only get the choice of winter 2011 and spring 2011?
    Also wondering if members want the newsletter in the mail can you get it as well online?

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