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    Hi All
    I’m sure everyone needs swan plants right now, but thought I’d put out a call anyway. We have dozens and dozens of various stage caterpillars and our swan plants are about gone. Will go buy more from the garden centre but they’re relatively small and cost a bit. So Googled and found this site. if anyone has any swan plants they can spare, happy to collect West Auckland or North Shore – Kumeu/Wamaiku.
    Will pay reasonable price
    Many thanks

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    There are free swan plants available in Hillsborough – and I have more for sale in Blockhouse Bay. The Hillsborough ones need to be dug up – please contact me for details.

    Jacqui, 027 481 4811.



    Tanya, try throwing an old op shop net curtain over the plants – it gives more shelter to the eggs/caterpillars and makes them less vulnerable from wasps. I have known monarchs to lay their eggs ON the net and the caterillars crawl through! It doesn’t have to be watertight, just makes it harder for the wasps to get inside.

    Planting swan plants next to other bushes (like a hedge) so that they grow into each other also works.



    is it bad that I wish I had this problem, we have about 20 odd big plants, that are one and two years old, and then who knows how many new ones 50 plus that self seeded up the side of the driveway, and they are all bushy and no caterpillars, in saying that tonight my son and i did find maybe 5 caterpillars on the new plants so fingers crossed they make it, we have about 10 other caterpillars that are on our big plants but they were given to us and are all changing now…



    I am in Henderson and I have about 11 plants. Most are still small but a couple are big if you need them. Also there is a community garden next door with lots if you want to grab some branches



    I have some for sale, I’m in Blockhouse Bay, spray-free and safe for caterpillars. Give us a ring, Jacqui, 09 551 3383, and I can send you a photograph.



    Check on Trade Me. Here’s a link to $2 swan plants Cockle Bay.
    There are a few Auckland listings.


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