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    Purchased 10 or so plants last year to survive the massive number of caterpillars I had. Near the end of the season I planted them outside, however I didn’t prepare them very well for winter. I lost 2 plants outright (brown/dry/dead) but the rest seem ok (green/bleeding white). My issue is that many of the leaves are yellowing and growth seems very stagnant, like they’re alive, but unable to grow.

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    Question is, now that it’s spring should they have started growing a bit more vigorously? Should I cut them back to encourage them to start growing fresh, or leave them to sort themselves out?


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    Hello Mike – a lot depends on where you live, but I suggest that you prune them (reduce them by about 1/3) and feed them well – any compost or mulch will do. Don’t let them dry out.

    The prunings can be put into a vase of water and often will strike roots. Make sure that you break up the bottom of each pruning, otherwise they can’t absorb water. You can either do this with a hammer or by making cuts up into the stem with scissors or pruners. About 1 inch should do it.

    Good luck!

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