Swan plant pruning

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    Can anybody tell me whether I am meant to prune my swan plants once the season is over – I just wonder whether they will become a bit 'leggy' if I just leave them as the new growth only seems to be at the top not the bottom.

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    I put a couple of peices I had nipped off in to the ground and looks like they have taken. I wasn't aware you could grow them from clipping but I'm probably behind the times. Worth a try if you are trimming – mine were well watered.



    Hi Alison, are you in a frosty area? If so, generally unless you go to a lot of bother covering them its probably not worth it as they'll die off anyway. From my understanding, they are generally treated as annuals in frost areas, and perennials in frost free areas, which certainly means you can then prune safely.

    Having said this, Im still taking "tops" off of mine to feed my remaining pillarz inside. We have a mild spell again.




    Hi Alison.

    Decide what shape you want and you can prune or not according to preference. The plants do better however if you don't prune back beyond where there are currently leaves, so keeping that in mind:-

    I sometimes take the top out of some of mine to creat a more bushy result, but with others have left them to grow very tall first, so that there is plenty of room to underplant with nectar plants. Some I also give a light trim to create more branches next season, and others are left to do thier own thing. Hope that helps – Jane

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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