Swan plant seedlings in pots.

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    Hi,I have been trying to grow some swan plants in pots from seeds for the last
    few months.They are very slow growing,I have been putting comfrey tea on them
    to help growth,but they are still very slow.
    I have noticed that the ones that are in the garden and have grown from seeds just
    thrown down on the dirt have really come on and are quite a good size compared to
    to the potted ones…Any ideas to get them to grow faster in the pots…
    I have got quite a few in pots but they are only about 12cm high.

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    How true, i have them growing in all the places i dont want them, but i wont cut them down. Need them now



    Seems to be the way with them doesn’t it…
    I went out today and put some Seasol diluted in their saucers to hopefully give them a bit of a gee up.
    My big plants are naked at the moment.Full of catapillers.
    I didn’t know the plant can be grown from cuttings.Will have to try that as well
    as growing from seed.



    Tell them they’re weeds and you don’t want them to grow is my suggestion! Swan plants seem to have a mind of their own. If you’re too kind to them, they sulk. They like to grow where they’re not wanted.

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