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    Lala Frazer

    I don’t want to be flooded with requests but last year I took a number of seeds from a prolific swan plant (Broad Bay, Dunedin) planning to get them grown by a local nursery. However it did not happen, and they may no longer be viable. (Seeds wind wafted often need to be sown immediately in order to generate.) If anyone would like to try them I’m happy to post them out. Interestingly, although we do get the occasional Monarch sighting in this suburb, none have ever been found actually using these mature swan plants)

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    Hi Caryl

    Well everyone is doing well here … I took some of Fiona’s refugees as well and ended up with round 54 cats .. at the moment there are only 4 caterpillars still eating, the cycle is incredibly short with hot weather and plenty of food. There are 25 to 30 chrysalids and few cats in J’s and about to in the castle and the plants. Judging by the odd chrsalid I can see up the trees out my bedroom window and in other plants I suspect the missing 20 odd have marched off into the wilderness and found themselves a spot in garden. There has not been much in the way of predators yet so I am optimistic that’s the case. I should have the first butterfly within the week 🙂



    Hi Leslie, How are all the cats doing. I had 17 butterflies eclose yesterday morning – all perfect. What joy! I had tears thankful I can help these beautiful beings flourish. I now gather all the J’s and chrysalides and bring them inside. Caryl xx



    I planted some more a week ago and I have a couple coming up already 🙂

    good luck with yours!



    Thanks Lala and Leslie!
    The seeds look wonderful.
    I will let you know how I get on.
    Thank you so much for your generosity.
    Besy wishes Fiona



    Hi Leslie
    Wow – thats great! Thanks. Id love to take the seed.
    Yes I have a couple of people to visit who werent around yesterday.
    I will try for today but maybe tomorrow. I will text you.
    Many thanks
    And our son is up here today for music so I will ask him to link the Neighbourly post to me – as its a totally non intuitive set up…
    What a winner the post has been. I cant thank you enough.
    140 caterpillars to new homes!!!!!!
    Im sooo happy about the outcome.
    Santa is going to bring me a vegiepod too.



    Hi Fiona I’ve still got plenty of seeds and some still on the plants if you want some. I can leave them in the letterbox if you are passing by on your missions of mercy 🙂



    Hi Lala
    I’d very happy to try to germinate these seeds.

    I can pay for a courier bag for them.
    Please email me your address and I’ll post it to you.
    And what size bag will I need do you think- A5 A4 A3??
    My email is fcamberun@paradise.net.nz
    Best wishes

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