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    There are now four sections in our forum – welcome to the new one, Seed/Plant Exchange

    We’re aware that some people would like to improve their butterfly garden, providing more host plants, nectar sources or even shelter for butterflies and moths – but don’t know what to buy, or may not have much in the way of disposable funds. So here’s a great place to list what you have to share – or want.

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    Hi Dave, Are they swan plants? Its great to know that they can get that tall!…butterfly heaven!
    You have prompted me to go out and collect some cows**t to put on mine to see what happens.
    Anna *puts gumboots on, grabs the trowel, and bucket*….


    Dave Rippey

    I have gigantic 10 foot plus plants this year and will have HEAPS of seeds!!!! If anyone wants some just email me (dj1@slingshot.co.nz) and I’d be more than happy to oblige.
    Dave R.
    P.S. Don’t know exactly how I managed to get the plants so big but maybe the lawn clippings and some good ol’ cow s**t helped?



    I have several hebes that need pruning, one with dark burgundy and the other with bright purple flowers. I’m in Blockhouse Bay. I imagine these will provide lots of nectar and be desirable to butterflies and bees – and I need to prune them as they are overgrowing a path.

    Cuttings are relatively easy to grow, and you’re getting new plants for free!

    If you’re interested please phone me over the next week or two, 09 551 3383. Jacqui, 6 October 2010.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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