Swan plants in NEED???????

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    Does anybody out there who is a member has any swan plants for sale or to give away that live in the Tauranga region? my hungry hungry caterpillers have eaten thier way through 5 plants already? can someone please give me some more info on introducing the pumpkin? Im aiming for 100% success rate with my pillers? Also how long in days or weeks does it take a healthy piller to go into cysilis???

    No body also ever told me how much of a mess they make??? Poo’s etc…hahahaha not that it bothers me I just had NO IDEA???

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    Murray McMillan

    URGENT !
    First sighting was 1st October.
    Mid October a very heavy frost seems to have contributed to not a single sighting since then.
    Can anyone supply a few caterpillars to renew the population. I have plenty of food in two large swan plants and others coming on. Anyone nearby please phone 03 960 9356



    someone phoned and was coming but did not turn up! do have some swan plants Mary



    It’s amazing, ins’t it Jonty! They sure change a neat, tidy home into bedlam! Try contacting Mary on 576 4752 I am sure she will be able to help you.

    Please email me your contact details as well, jacqui@monarch.org.nz


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