Swan plants needed

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    Hi All
    First time we’ve had monarch caterpillars in our garden and the solitary swan plant is almost exhausted. Anyone in Mount Victoria, Wellington have a couple of spare branches that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and hope everyone is keeping safe during Lockdown.
    Cheers James and Karen

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    Great to hear, James! We may see you here again next year. 🙂



    Thank you to everyone for their offers and advice. However I am sad to report that the caterpillars left us about two days ago and have not been seen again. Our plan is to buy some swan plants and hopefully we will be able to provide a safe and happy environment for some caterpillars next year.
    Thanks again.
    James and Karen



    I have plants to and am in Seatoun. At this time of year it is very unlikely the cats will be able to make healthy chrysalides. But if you were able to bring them inside, in their J stage they would have a chance. Good luck. Caryl.
    PS You could try cucumber or pumpkin in the meantime as you’re able to shop.



    Hi Leslie

    Thank you for the offer. But unfortunately even at Covid Level 3 I do not think we will be able to go across town. We have pre-ordered some swan plants from the garden centre and are hopefully picking them up tomorrow.

    Thanks again for your offer though.

    Kind regards
    James and Karen



    If you can’t get anything I could take some caterpillars for you. But I’m in Karori, so not sure if you are allowed to travel across town?

    Garden centres will be open tomorrow I believe so maybe they will have some plants.

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