Sweet Peas vs Wasps

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    Did anyone read the article in the Sunday Star Times (8/3/15) by Lynda Hallinan titled “Sweet peas prove wasp swan song”? It claims that she learned through planting sweet pea plants around her swan plants that it enabled their flowers’ scent to provide a deterrent against wasps attacking the caterpillars. Has anyone else trialed or heard of this idea?

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    I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and it’s something I’m going to try next year.

    I’m going to plant sweet peas and also climbing beans next to my swan plants -let them use the swan plants as a frame to climb up. I think it may well be that the extra foliage gives cover and shelter to the caterpillars, protection from the wasps.

    Also, elsewhere I’m going to make sure that shrubs with a similar habit, now buddleia is a good example, are growing up very close to the swan plants. From past experience (last year) this gave the monarchs a lot of cover from wasps.

    Thoughts from other people?



    I have sweet peas growing amongst my one set of plants. To be honest there has been no difference with wasp numbers between the 2 sets of plants.



    Didn’t read that, but it’s worth trying. Sadly, too late to plant sweet peas for this season though.

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