Tachinid flies

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    The fly on this video looks like the sort of fly you’d find around your house, but it’s much smaller.


    I don’t think I would have thought much about seeing something like this around my garden or greenhouse, but I’ll be even more observant now.

    Who has seen tachinids in their garden or greenhouse? Please tell us what to look for – size, colour etc. I realise I’ve been pronouncing the name wrong too… will practice ‘ta-KAI-nid’. :)

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    Excellent video Jacqui. Thanks for posting it. Caryl



    Hi is this still the case in NZ no reports? This makes my skin crawl reading about the flies, seen a couple of videos of them breaking the Cat in half and eggs falling out the Cat body – horrible.



    New Zealand has many native tachinid fly species which parasite various moth caterpillars such as the Bag moth, Magpie moth, Cabbage tree moth and others. One species of tachinid fly is responsible a for high rate of parasitism among the Forest ringlet butterfly.
    Other species of tachinid flies have been introduced as biological control agents for specific caterpillars that feed on agricultural crops.
    Tachinids are known to parasite monarch caterpillars in Australia and North America, but there does not appear to be any records of them infecting monarchs in New Zealand.

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