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    This season’s tags appear to be more rigid and this may cause some issues with adhesion to wings. I have found a tag that had been used on a monarch on the ground. Also 2 dead monarchs were found with the telltale circular marks on their wings indicating they had been tagged but the tags had disappeared. Last year’s tags were more flexible and probably were more likely to remain adhered to wings of tagged butterflies.

    If you have experienced any issues with the tags this year, please post your experience on the forum.

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    I have found a couple of tags on the ground, and also once when I went to tag a butterfly on a bush, I noticed the circular mark where a tag had been, so I didn’t do him again. I think they are a bit thicker and more rigid than before.



    Hi I have found the Tags are a lot thicker getting onto the wing. I use a toothpick and some times it flicks off the toothpick. Last year Tags were better. Also have had 2 reported back to me “Dead” It might be something in the glue. Who Knows.



    I’ve only tagged about 70 so far (bit late starting) and have only had 2 reports (for the same tag number) -the butterfly was dead.
    From a user point of view I don’t think they are as good as previous years. They seem a tiny bit heavier and less flexible and the glue seems tackier and needs more pressure to affix. I found 1 had dropped off in the area where I release them. I use the tip of a toothpick method to apply the tags and this year I seem to find it a bit trickier to get the toothpick out but that may be age/less manual dexterity and the arthritis in my hands.


    Chrissie Ward

    We tagged 150 butterflies this season. So far eleven have been reported, and only three said the butterfly was dead. This seems about the same as previous years.



    I have just been through all the reported sightings so far this year using the keyword “dead” and there appear to have been 12-15 reports of tagged monarchs being found dead. There’s no way I can actually tell if this is more than previous years (without spending hours going through many reports) but I do feel that it is more than previous years.

    I wrote to Jim Lovett at Monarch Watch and he reminded me that there are a number of factors that can explain tags falling off. “…on our trip to Mexico in 2004 amongst tens of thousands of dead monarchs we found one that had that circular mark from a tag.”

    In N America, of course, they start tagging at the end of summer (which would be September or so) and while they get our tags manufactured at the same time as theirs, I’m not sure if they have used the new material or not… I’ve written back to Jim to find out.

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