Tagged butterfly seen in our garden in Gisborne


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    On Saturday, my husband saw a tagged butterfly in our garden. It had the number 413 , but he did not get a good look at prefix. Wonder if it was LAC because I have MAE413 on my taggs still to be used. Wonder how far it has travelled?

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    This is a mystery, Gaynor. No-one has been issued with anything like that in your region. LAC400-424 were issued to a Westland tagger, and that butterfly was tagged on 27 April. I doubt very much that a butterfly would have lived almost a year and travelled from Westland to Gisborne.

    The tagger is also experienced and knows to request new tags each year, so that can’t be the issue.

    The other tagger in your area has only just requested his tags, and there is nothing like a 400 series number in the tags he’s been sent.

    I guess we will never know… unless you see it again.

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