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    I’ve just found a Monarch on my lawn next to a camellia bush.
    It has a Tag TAM375. Looking a bit tired. Wondering how too help it, if that’s possible.
    Thanks , Nigel, Auckland.

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    Hi Nigel

    That’s nice of you to care. There’s probably nothing you can do. I suggest you keep it somewhere cool and dark tonight, and tomorrow when it’s sunny OR 11am, put it outside on a flat flower like single camelia or a daisy-shaped one, so it can get at the nectar in the nectary.

    Have you reported the sighting in to http://www.mb.org.nz ? We would be grateful if you would. Actually, this butterfly has had a good life! It was caught by a cat about a week ago and reported in. You can see where it had started out and was caught by the cat here:

    Auckland / Bucklands Beach / 2020-07-25 11:00:00

    It was originally released on 12 June.

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