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    rob cooper

    it is very sad you the trust can not inform your paid up members of the new tagging with old tags can you not inform people of how you can tag this seasons monarchs with last years tags this was not the case last year

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    To the left of here is an image of a tagged butterfly If you click on that there are a series of questions which have been answered One of the points is where do I find the full notes There is a link in that to the full notes (TBP). That gives you full details and if you have any other questions please post them here

    You could also search on YouTube for how to tag a butterfly It is a bit nervewracking the first time but not as challenging as you imagine it will be

    Other than that feel free to ask specific questions in here and we will gladly answer them



    Is there anywhere on the site that gives detailed instructions for tagging? I’m a newbie and am a bit nervous about giving it a go when I don’t know what I’m doing!



    Hello Rob

    About a week ago, one tagger suggested why not keep using tags all year – why do we suggest people stop tagging at some date in the “winter”. I suggested he go ahead and use some of last year’s tags which were no longer being issued because:

    1. we do still have tags in the “R” series

    2. each monarch that is tagged will be advertising the tagging programme as it flies around – the more people that know about tagging the better.

    At the time I had not thought of any negative points but wasn’t entirely convinced that we should be doing this, so I considered this tagger as being a pilot. I hadn’t made a public announcement about it, which is why you hadn’t heard about it.

    And I still haven’t thought of any negatives in doing this. Can anyone else think of any reasons why we shouldn’t tag all year with the new series of tags, i.e. continue using “R” series tags until late summer when new tags become available?

    BTW we are now issuing “S” series tags.

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